Secrets The Rich Want To Keep For Themselves


How To Expose The 5 Secrets Deliberately Witheld To Keep YOU In The Rat Race!

November 11th, 1999 by James VI Edwards

Dear Free Thinker,

Can you feel it?

Life pushing you around.

Do you feel as safe in your job as you used to?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that just as you start to get ahead, life slaps you back down again?!

No – Your SMARTER than that!

You’re someone who feels they’re worth more than what the rat-race has to offer, yes?

You know that the right information is your key to freedom from the daily drudgery, but have yet to find it, right?

Don’t worry, I’m not here to offer you some quirky money-making scheme the whole world and their dog operates already. That sort of carry-on may be popular with the masses, but if you’ve read this far, you’re above all that aren’t you?!

The missing piece in the puzzle is correct information. I’d like to offer you some assistance in your quest for the knowledge you seek.

Ask anyone who offers you advice this crucial question:

Do they walk the talk? Have they actually been where you intend to go?

Funny how most ‘experts’ skirt around this one!

My name is James Edwards. Someone who walks the talk. A self-made millionaire. A published author. People from Iceland to Singapore have changed their lives from reading my work.

I don’t say this to impress you. I say it to impress upon you that listening to someone who doesn’t practice what they preach doesn’t make any sense.

So why do so many people do this?

Beats the hell out of me!

Things weren’t always great for me. A few short years ago all I had was a pile of debt and a job I hated! Back then, I too looked at various money-making schemes all to no avail (sound familiar?).

One day, I decided to quit the whole idea. Becoming wealthy must have been something for the privileged few and the very lucky. It was time to stop wasting my time and money and just accept things – it was making me unhappy.

Maybe you’re looking like that right now. High street names are being merged or closing so fast you don’t know who’ll be left. Survival of the fittest, keep your head down and hope to keep up with the mortgage.

It bothered me that a few months later though, a nagging feeling returned as I read an article about how there was a shortage of million pound homes…they just couldn’t meet the demand! There were more millionaires being created at a faster rate then ever in history!

If all those senior bankers can keep their bonuses and pensions like ‘Fred the Shred’ from RBS – the Royal Bank of Scotland, there’s nothing YOU could do.

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being left behind?

I tried to look for some sort of advantage these people had over me by studying the profiles of various millionaires – if they had some sort of special skill or qualification then I could understand why they were beating me and I could get back to my normal, cosy life. However, the vast majority of these people were less qualified than me- some of them can’t even read properly for heaven’s sake!

Also, it would have been naive to believe that these people had all been dishonest or unethical in getting their wealth. The most surprising thing of all is the very little effort these people had to put in to achieve it.

Furthermore, they were not created simply by the economic boom – it is a fact that

many of these people create their wealth during recession!

That was the last straw.

There was something I was missing here – I knew there was no such thing as ‘get-rich-quick’ so how were all these people becoming so wealthy?

This time, I decided to get the information ‘from the horse’s mouth’. I made it my task to interview as many millionaires as possible. Don’t ask how I pulled it off!

Months of research later, I sat staring at the piles of get-rich manuals and franchise materials I had accumulated over the years in the corner of my study, and compared it to the single piece of paper that was the result of my millionaire interviews.

This single piece of paper was worth a thousand times what all that rubbish was! I nearly sobbed as I realised how much time and money I had wasted before this day.

You’ve been trying to complete a puzzle with 5 pieces missing.
BIG pieces!

I call those missing pieces ‘The Five Secrets

I call them secrets because they are deliberately kept from the public at large.

As well as The Five Secrets, I shall never forget what a particularly wealthy person said:

“No-one ever got anywhere by being sceptical. The losers of life use disbelief as an excuse for their lack of spirit.

Taking a small amount of risk is inevitable otherwise everyone would berich, the trick is to minimise any risk through superior knowledge and minimal effort.”

Have you ever met a wealthy sceptic?!

Are you sceptical at this moment? Do you think being employed means security?

It’s an illusion to think there’s any security in employment these days. Ask those from Lehman Brothers or Woolworths for confirmation. This ‘work ethic’ that we cling on to so dearly is laughable!

Your life is irreplaceable. Do you really want to spend the largest part of it making someone else’s life better?!

We drift on, living from month to month, looking forward to the distant day when our mortgage is paid off and we can collect a measly pension. We can make ourselves feel better temporarily by changing jobs, moving house or buying a new sofa, but we are only treading water, even though we have the illusion of progress.

What’s even crazier is the way we justify this behaviour by looking for excuses to stay this way. “I’m too old”. “I’m not educated enough”. “I’m unlucky”. These attitudes hold us back. They give us a reason to avoid anything new. We’re all lazy deep down, only some of us are prepared to fight and take steps to improve our lot. Are you ready to fight?!

Let’s take a step back. Why do you want to be a millionaire?

If it’s so you can pay off all your debts and buy all the goodies you want, then great. But there’s so much more…

Money is nothing on its own. Freedom is what money brings which in turn brings happiness. You’ll be surprised to learn that you don’t need anywhere near one million pounds to be free!

Imagine. You wake up every day knowing everything is on your terms. No bosses or bank managers telling you what to do, no restrictions on what you buy. Freedom is the true reason we want wealth.

Let’s get a little angry about this…you were born a free person! Who are employers or anyone else for that matter to tell you what to do?!

Do you wonder why The Five Secrets have been kept from you?
The truth is chilling!

Do you remember the “RIP OFF BRITAIN” saga?

How about the ‘Enron’ scandal?

As for  ’Bear Stearns‘ and the ‘Credit Crunch‘ – you’re going to hear a lot more before it’s played itself through. The G20 gather to sort out the Trillion Dollar Question…but…

Like other things before, and much to the relief of the wealthy and powerful, this all becomes yesterday’s news.

In the UK, one family sadly lost the mother to cancer – the Big Brother star Jade Goody managed to push all other news aside for a while – so she could help her children. Most people wouldn’t like that sort of choice for making money.

Dramatic stories like these help keep the wealthy and powerful secure.

Large corporations all stand to lose a great deal by you
discovering The Five Secrets!

We like to think the media exposes any secrets out there. Yeah. Right.

They’re part of the problem! All the media is concerned with is selling products – plus they would be flat-broke without the wall of money they receive from large corporation advertisers who have a lot to lose from the public becoming wise!

Do you think your own government want you to discover The Five Secrets?

If the entire population used The Five Secrets, the global economy would collapse.Period. How would that look come election time?!

Bank charge reclaims ran into the multiple millions in the UK before the ‘Sub-prime‘ bubble burst. Now who’s left to bail out the bank…?

The Five Secrets is NOT about running your own business. I’ve developed a way the average person can easily put this into practice for little effort from their own home, while keeping their job, until the day comes when you sack your boss and live the rest of your life as you please.

I actually shudder a little to use the word ‘secret’. It reminds me of those ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, but there’s no other way to describe it.

The truth has been systematically kept from you by the most powerful people in the country.
FACT, like it or not.

In the first 12 months of using The Five Secrets, I turned £42,000 of debt into £78,000 of assets! If I can YOU can#

I didn’t acquire this money trading a hot Internet share, The Lottery or any other form of luck you care to mention. Nor is this a ‘pyramid’ sales scam!

So if I know The Five Secrets, why am I writing this letter to you instead of taking it easy on a beach somewhere?

The reason I’m writing this letter is to offer you The Five SecretsI’m not on some sort of moral crusade to bring power to the people. I simply want to increase my wealth by sharing this information with you. I want to be honest and to the point because I am as tired of the ‘hard sell’ and ‘flannel’ in ‘Rip-Off Britain’ as you are.

I’ve explained the Five Secrets in a monthly home-study course.

I’m cutting through all the vague waffle and lies to show you how the serious players do things …using The Five Secrets to their advantage!

Would you rather complain about working or to take steps to ensure you never have to again?

Do you have the guts to ask “why” to ‘the system’ or are you happy being a worker drone, taken advantage of your whole life?

I warn you this course is not for everyone. Without dramatising matters, some people become extremely upset at the content. They’d rather live in the illusions they’ve been spoon-fed than learn the truth.

When you discover the truth, you instantly attract huge profit opportunities!


I’m talking about the big picture here. All the money-making schemes in the world aren’t worth zip unless you understand the truth about what’s going on.

You’ll just keep chasing your tail!

Students of The Five Secrets often exclaim it’s like a veil being lifted from their eyes. They instantly feel stronger and possess a new-found confidence!

In ten, simple home-study lessons I’ll show you how to turn an overdraft into financial freedom. No, you don’t need thousands of pounds of ‘start up’ money either. If you follow The Five Secrets from the comfort of your own armchair you will achieve your goal – I haven’t left anything out.

For the more sceptical amongst you, these secrets are not simplistic and patronising phrases such as ‘start a business’.

No, it’s the shocking truths behind these secrets as much as the secrets themselvesthat will intrigue you. You’ll see how easily people like you have created great wealth through inside knowledge rather than muscle.

Were you aware that that an informed minority are completely unaffected by a property or stock market crash even when fully invested in these areas?!

This is one of many closely guarded secrets I’ll be revealing to you. Are you starting to appreciate how empowering The Five Secrets are?

I know you’re sceptical right now. I don’t blame you in this day and age either. But don’t let the minority of fraudsters blind you from a genuine opportunity.

These are the facts:

  • You’ll NEVER become wealthy by working for someone else. Plus you leave yourself vulnerable to redundancy.
  • You’ll never become very wealthy by running your own business either (with few exceptions).
  • The Five Secrets have been deliberately kept from you by those who have a great deal to gain by keeping you in the dark. HARSH TRUTH!


Warning: The 5 Secrets contain extremely sensitive material!


Therefore, I’m only offering limited places. That’s a fact you can count on. I only send this invitation out occasionally. With the G20 in London the doors are open again.

Once that small allocation of places have gone, that’s it; doors closed.

So, I urge you to at least satisfy your curiosity about what exactly The 5 Secrets are and how they can set you free …completely at our risk!

In your first lesson, I will disclose The 5 Secrets. Upon receiving that first lesson, you have 28 days to decide if you wish to continue with the course.

If you decide not to continue, simply e-mail us using the address in the confirmation e-mail to receive a full, no-quibble refund of your money with my compliments.




Thereafter you may withdraw from the course at any time by simply cancelling your subscription. I can offer this amazingly generous guarantee because I know you’ll be delighted.

Don’t put this in your ‘to do one day pile’-time is precious

Make a positive step towards financial freedom right now by becoming a student of The Five Secrets! I look forward to greeting you.

Your life is irreplaceable. Do you really want to spend the largest part of it making someone else’s life better?!

Take the chance to get a hand up while others are getting hand outs.

Get The 5 Secrets course at no risk today.


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